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The Hudson Dance Center has been serving the local communities for MORE than 27 years.. we strive to bring you the best in dance training, at the lowest cost possible, at the HDC, classes are always fun.

Our reputation speaks volumes... ask your friends, and your neighbors.

We offer classes for dancers as young as 2 to adults-from a most beginner to the most advanced levels in our 3 levels of Company classes. Our goal is to encompass and encourage all levels of student, from the purely recreational to the serious professional.


We offer Fun, instruction for the Dancer. Our Experienced & Dedicated Staff offer instruction for dancers Ages 3 to Adult in Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Street Funk, Modern/Lyrical and so much more.


We will provide quality dance instruction, in a warm and caring environment.


We will provide excellent dance training, and make sure classes are always fun.


We will encourage everyone and anyone - regardless of age or gender.


We will create a year-end performance, that are age appropriate for each class.


We will always be available to work with the community, and participate in annual events.



Artistic Director / Jazz Ballet

Sharon Weiner, a local Hudsonite has been the Artistic Director of the H.D.C for 25 years. She has always had a passion for dance, beginning her career at the age of 3 taking ballet lessons at a Laval Project. Her Jazz-Ballet career started at the age of 10 at the Laval Dance Studio where she attended classes almost every day working her way up to the Senior Company level at the age of 16.


During this time she competed in many regional and national competitions often placing first with her classmates or alone in a solo. She has also attended classes with Luigi at his renowned studio in New York, as well as taking workshops at the Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey, American Ballet Dance Theatre and more locally with Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, Constance Darling, The West Island Dance Theatre.

She continues her education every Summer- travelling to New York to take workshops- at many famous dance studios. Her other teaching experiences include working as a fitness instructor for the West Island YMCA. She has taught in many area schools during their lunchtime activities, including St Thomas, Mount Pleasant, Ecole Jacques Bizard, Ecole St Francois in Rigaud. In the late 1980s she worked on many fashion shows both as a model and the head choreographer.

Her teaching style is one that shows every student how wonderful learning to dance can be, as well as making sure that every child feels special and leaves her class with a smile on his or her face, counting the days before their next class. “It is a joy to see a very young dancer learn the difference between a plier and a curtsy, or the accomplishment of a teenager mastering a graceful grand jete or pirouette”.

Sharon plans on continuing her dance career for as long as her loyal students will have her.


Screenshot 2022-08-22 100321_edited_edited.jpg


Assistant Director / Teacher

Miss Sophie has been a part of the H.D.C for more than 16 years.


She is instrumental in the daily running of the studio. She has worked her way up to the most advanced class, this year being her 6th year in Senior Company. She has assisted with classes at the H.D.C for 15 years now with 9 of them being Sharon's "right hand".


She loves to dance and is happy to be taking part in any class, dancing with the youngest kids every day of the week. With the new addition of our Competition Team, Sophie will be taking part in teaching and taking the lead!

She can't wait to get back on the dancefloor with everyone!

Sophie teaches: Jazz , Lyrical, Contemporary and Ballet and Street FUNky



Irish dance

My name is Meaghan.

I perform shows around Montreal with the Celtic Grace dance troupe and am a member of the Canadian Irish Dance Company.

I compete in both solo and team competitions internationally and have been an Assistant Teacher at the Short school for 9 years. I am a 4-time Eastern Canadian Champion and have ranked in the top 20 at the World Championships.


There is nothing in the world I love more than Irish dancing! I am so grateful to be able to share my passion in my hometown of Hudson.

I’m excited to introduce traditional music, timing, and technique of Irish dancing to new dancers, while teaching them footwork, jumps and complete dances.


The Irish dance classes are the perfect opportunity for learning, growth and physical activity, in a positive and fun environment created by the community of the HDC.



SHiNE Dance Fitness™



Tap Dance

Olivia has always loved to dance. She danced with the Hudson Dance Center for 10 years, from 2005-2015 with 4 years in Senior Company. After leaving the school to continue life in Montreal, she never let go of her passion for dance and therefore searched for an outlet that was now closer to her new home.

At the end of 2019, she discovered SHiNE Dance Fitness™ at a local gym. She decided to go try it and has been hooked ever since! With a need for regular exercise but delivered in a way that was FUN and familiar, Olivia has truly found her passion.

With the appearance of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, her classes continued online and she has been training ever since.

Now a certified instructor and forever grateful for this opportunity, she welcomes dancers ages 15 to adult to come try SHiNE™ with Liv, something new and fun! All while burning some calories ;)

See you on the dancefloor!


Samantha has been dancing since the age of 3.
to Note: Sam has taught at the HDC many years ago and we are SO happy to have her Back!

She started out taking Ballet and Jazz classes. She was later introduced to Tap and instantly fell in love with the style. She has studied with some of the greats in the business, such as Charles Griffith and the one and only Ethel Bruneau.                                        As she worked her way to the senior classes, she became a teachers assistant which ignited her passion for teaching and choreography.
Having performed in many competitions and events throughout Canada and the United States,her most memorable was dancing on the main stage at the Montreal Jazz festival.
Samantha has taught lunch and after school classes at schools in the area and across montreal including,St John Fisher, Christmas Park, St Edmunds, Academie Marie Claire, Mount Pleasant and Forest hill just to name a few.
With close to 25 years of teaching experience, Samantha strives to create a fun and welcoming environment where all her students, from the beginner to the seasoned dancer, can walk in to the studio and not want to leave.




hi! My name is Emma and I am 18 years old.

I've always loved to dance and I have been dancing for as long as I can remember.

This will be my 14th year training at the HDC and my 4th year assisting.


The Hudson Dance Center is really my 2nd home!

The styles I have trained in the most are Jazz Ballet and Lyrical, I'll admit Jazz is my favorite!

I'm so excited to see everyone and am looking forward to a fresh start to the 2023 -2024 dance season!
see you on the HDC Dancefloor!




Jazz / Ballet / HipHop Fusion

Hi my name is Sofia.


I have been dancing since I was 2 years old.

The styles I do the most are Jazz-Ballet and Contemporary.
I absolutely love dancing.


This is my 15th year at the HDC.


I am so excited to see new and old faces this year at the HDC and am so excited to assist some of the classes this year.



miss EG.jpg



Hi my name is Katie.


I have been dancing with the HDC since the age of 2. I’ve trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. I absolutely love dancing.


One of my favourite parts of the HDC is all of the people. Everybody is so kind. Especially the staff. I love coming to the HDC almost every day of the week and getting to see old faces and new.


I’m so excited to start assisting the little dancers this year. I hope this season can be one of the best yet! See you all in the fall!

Hi, my name is Lily.

I have been dancing at HDC since I was 3 years old. I have trained in jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop.

I love seeing all the new and returning faces each year, it really does feel like a family. I’m so excited to assist some classes this year.


Hi my name is Jade, 

I have been part of the HDC family since the age of 3.


I love taking part in all my classes; jazz ballet, hip hop, ballet and contemporary. I love dancing so much and HDC has made it the best experience over the years. I'm excited to assist this year.


What DANCE training has to offer children & adults alike?

Studying and training the art of Dance is an interesting, rewarding experience at many different levels whether taking dance for enjoyment, exercise, or to pursue a dance career. It offers each individual the opportunity to grow both physically and mentally, while developing their own artistic ability. The obvious benefits in studying dance are: poise posture and physical fitness. It is a great form of exercise it helps develop muscle strength, flexibility, increased coordination. The movements required for dancing can also help to increase your bone mass, dancing helps maintain proper posture and body alignment and is a great form of overall fitness.

Dance is a tremendous amount of fun, and a wonderful confidence builder for all dancers of all ages. Students will learn self discipline, commitment and integrity through the practice of physical dance training. Personal growth is seen in all dance students. It gives them a greater sense of poise and confidence in expressing one’s self through movement, and has helped many overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Development of Life Skills are attained through physical dance training and artistic growth. Many students identify personal insecurities and work on them through dance. They gain self confidence through achieving personal, physical and performance goals.

Students will gain respect of oneself and respect of others while learning to cooperate and work as a group. They will develop a great sense of belonging through creative and group choreography as well as a strong sense of comeradery and lifelong friends.

Students learn to set goals and work towards attaining them. The experience of performing is one that will benefit all students throughout their life.

The creativity involved in dancing provides an emotional outlet through which one can reflect his or her feelings through body movement. Dance is a form of communication and can be used to achieve a multitude of purposes such as presenting issues and ideas, teaching or persuading, entertaining, planning, designing, and beautifying.

Perseverance, collaborative spirit, and self expression are attributes derived from dance that transfer to the rest of life.

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