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Refunds & Cancellations

Note: $20.00 for all NSF cheques. Upon registration all monthly post-dated cheques must be given. NO refunds after the deadline October 15th. A class can be split or combined at any time due to lack of dancers OR over enrollment. There are no credits given for missed classes. It is out of the school’s control to ensure that you have received newsletters. If you are unsure check the board, call or email the school.


The H.D.C is a bilingual atmosphere. Please inform one of the Directors if your child is not able to understand their teacher due to language issues.

Uniform Regulations

Uniform regulations must be respected. Having a basic dress code promotes equality among students, and for particular styles allows the teacher to properly evaluate body positioning. Students coming to class without the required uniform or proper footwear will not be allowed to participate in their class.

Required Uniforms


ALL CLASSES Must be in BLACK Bodywear and have SHOES and Black Socks.

Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Street Funk: Black one piece unitard, black shoes for jazz. Foot undies for Contemporary. Hip Hop:black sweats, yoga pants, or shorts, non marking sneakers, or jazz shoes.

Classroom rules

Students are expected and MUST wear their uniform and dance shoes during dance classes. Dance wear is to be form fitting. A dress code signifies that proper dance education is their goal. A dress code helps to reveal how well the students are implementing the technical aspects of dance being taught. Body alignment, stretched feet, and extended knees cannot be seen when they are in baggy sweats. Children are more ready to learn when they are dressed properly.

*Coloured T-shirt and shorts, sweatshirts, and hats are strictly prohibited during class. No jeans, big jewellery, gum.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT THE CORRECT DANCE CLOTHES BE WORN IN ALL CLASSES. If a student comes to class wearing anything other than proper dancewear, they are permitted to sit and observe the lesson only. No disorderly conduct in class. Talking is to be kept to a minimum. If talking becomes a problem, the student(s) involved will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of their class. Please keep in mind that proper hygiene and the use of deodorant is essential while participating in dance class. A fresh, clean, neat appearance is necessary and there should be no holes or runs in tights.

Level Advancement

Students do not automatically advance to the next level each year. Although students may have mastered certain steps or combinations, our goal is to ensure the technique and strength used in performing these steps is mastered before the student progresses to the next level. Correct technique is critical to ensure the student is strong enough to meet the demands of the next level of the curriculum. Additionally, regular attendance in classes will have an impact on a student’s progression to the next level.

Costume Rental

For a child to participate in the year-end recital, a performance costume must be RENTED. Students are measured during the year and the costume FABRICS are purchased. Costumes are sewn throughout the year. The fee varies from $50-$100.00 (depending on how many classes the student is taking).

Tickets, Pictures & Show DVD

“Why are student’s guests (family, members, friends, etc.) charged admission to watch the show?” There are many expenses to cover when putting on the Annual Performance: Backdrops, props, music, equipment, lighting, printing of programs and tickets, janitorial fees and the rental of the auditorium. These expenses are costly, therefore a fee is charged for tickets to view the show. ($25.00)

Any photo purchases, DVD sales or other extras are completely at the discretion of our clients. Please do not feel pressured to purchase any of these items.

Show Day information

As the year-end performance approaches, we all share in the children’s excitement and enthusiasm. Seeing the look on each child’s face when they receive their costume, their thrill and sense of accomplishment of dancing on the big stage in front of an audience, you will see the only reason we have these performances is for the children.


Dancers arrive ONE hour prior to each show : 12:30 PM and 6:30 PM for the 1:30 PM and 7:30 PM performances. This ensures that there will be enough time to get them into costume and ready for the Big event!

Dancers go home/Out to Dinner in between shows. Pick up & drop off will be in front of the LITTLE Theatre door (adjacent to the main theatre.)

Please leave your dancer at the little theatre DOOR except for levels 3-4-5, please bring them to their section which is marked on the walls. There are plenty of volunteers to bring them to their special seat.

NO PARENTS or unauthorized adults or friends etc. will be allowed to enter. Each child has a paper bag on their ASSIGNED seat. They are to put all their belongings in the bag and place the bag under their seat and then of course sit down.


Children should bring a snack, spill-proof drink, a book or something that they enjoy in their alone time. (please NO electronics as we cannot be held responsible if lost or stolen).

Their assigned volunteers will tell them when to get into costume, and when they can enjoy their snack. There should be no coming and going (only to go to the washroom). Please remind the children that they need to stay in their assigned seats, so we can maintain order while the show is being performed. The time does pass quickly backstage - the dancers do not have time to get bored. The show is about 2  hours long all said and done >> there is no intermission (dances, bows, and thank you’s)


The younger children will exit into the main hall at the Little Theatre doors. PLEASE DO NOT CROWD these areas, have ONE family member waiting. It is so unbelievably scary to walk out and see so many adults blocking the doorway.

All older kids (Teens/Company/Siblings of Older kids too) will be in the main hallway via the main theatre doors.

All children should arrive dressed in their complete black outfit (Tank Top style), shoes, BLACK SOCKS. Ballet: in pink tights, black bodysuit /black shoes


Hair: should be tied up OFF the face (half up is great) Ballerinas in a bun (if you are in jazz and ballet it can be down and then your teacher can help you make the bun)


Make Up: a bit of color is nice under the powerful stage lighting.

Doors will open about 15 minutes prior to show start times. Once the show starts you will not be allowed to find your seat. Every year I get MANY complaints about a parent missing their own child’s performance as people walked by. Solution: please do not be late.


This information will be repeated and sent via email before show day as a reminder.

Rehearsal Information (full-cast & stage)

Closed dress rehearsal: Dancers & Crew ONLY It is the policy of the dance studio to hold a CLOSED DRESS REHEARSAL. Volunteers, parent supervisors, runners, and staff ONLY will be permitted in the theatre during the rehearsal, in order to secure the safety of the students. A volunteer or 2 who will be supervising the children will attend to each group. It is important for us to have the children’s undivided attention in this situation and we thank you for your support. We want the experience of dancing on the big stage to be an enjoyable one. The students also love watching other numbers that will be performed in the year-end show.


Attendance to the Full Cast and Stage Rehearsal is mandatory.

In order for the recital to run smoothly and for students to feel comfortable performing, these rehearsals are required. All participating students MUST attend both rehearsals. Adjustments must be made to routines, as the stage is different dimensions then the studio. The rehearsal schedule will be issued as soon as possible.

If, for reasons beyond your control, a family member is unable to attend any of the rehearsals, special arrangements may be made to attend the Dress Rehearsal. The arrangements must be made prior to the actual Dress Rehearsal.

The Theatre’s Policy NEITHER FOOD NOR DRINK ARE TO BE CONSUMED IN THE THEATRE AREA, during either the dress rehearsals. Their policy is backed by a fine for violators. Please be advised and comply with their rules as failure to do so may also result in a ticket price increase. Students may bring bottled water only into the main theatre and studio theatre.


Each year we ask for the help and support of parents, family, and friends to volunteer their time for the dress rehearsal and recitals. Volunteering as a parent supervisor is a commitment of your time and energy.

Volunteers are needed to work in the change area, and backstage. Volunteers will be required to assist us with the entire performance as well as rehearsals that they sign up for.

We depend on parents to help during these events and ask for volunteers to commit to the requirements we have listed below, to ensure that the children are as safe as possible.

We will be more than pleased to have your support and discuss the times best suited to you. A Volunteer Information Sheet is sent out via email after the holidays. It outlines the expectations of becoming a parent supervisor. The earlier you can get this back to us the better. It takes a lot of time to get our volunteers organized. We thank all the past volunteers for all of their time and support.

The dress rehearsal and dance recitals will be held at The Grand Theatre, in Vaudreuil.

If you sign up, WE COUNT ON YOU to be there 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO START TIME. If you are unable to attend, PLEASE give us ample notice so we may make alternative arrangements. Thank you.

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ASSIGNED GROUP UNATTENDED. We ask you to stay for the duration of time, for both the rehearsal and recital that you have volunteered for. By leaving a group unattended, this puts an added responsibility onto parents trying to watch other groups.

PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DESIGNATED GROUP RUN AROUND at the dress rehearsal and backstage at the recital. During the dress rehearsal, the students and volunteers will be in the audience, but during the recitals the students will be backstage. We are asking parent volunteers to bring games, cards, any CLEAN ideas to keep the students occupied. (the HDC also supplies some activities- and on beautiful weather days the classes IF they have time can go run outside behind the backstage area)

We need to keep the students together with their groups, as the stage helpers don’t have time to chase down students when it is their turn to go on stage. Also, some of the students have costume changes and will need to be moved from group to group.

We try to assign parents with their own children, but we cannot always promise you that it will work out that way.

Renting the studio

Large Studio Space Available/Rental by the Hour.

The HDC studio is available for rental space for: Play rehearsals, Photography Sessions, Musicians, Painters, etc.

1300 sq feet of OPEN space, on hardwood floors, one full wall of mirrors, 2 walls of natural light (windows), full stereo system, a waiting room, and washroom.

The Studio can easily accommodate upwards of 20-25 people.  Please call for hourly/weekly rates and availabilities.

Small Reminders

  • Any issues regarding teachers should be addressed with one of the Directors immediately. We will be happy to listen to your concerns.

  • Due to space issues, as well as in an effort to keep studio floors sanitary, parents are not permitted to watch classes from the interior of the studio without express invitation of the teachers.

  • Everyone’s†outdoor footwear is to be placed in the boot cubbies located inside the entrance. Outdoor footwear is not permitted within the studio facility at any time. Please place your shoes etc NEATLY so we do not trip over them (in case of an emergency).

  • ABSOLUTELY No eating is permitted anywhere within any part of the facility. Thank you in advance for respecting the studio rules and for keeping the studio premises NEAT and CLEAN!! Should there be any - Then all beverage containers, as well as food wrappers are to be placed in the garbage cans located in the washrooms.


  • If you are sitting/waiting for classes in our waiting area, please keep the NOISE level to a minimum- we can hear you!


  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.


  • The H.D.C studios will be limiting the number of dancers per class, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

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