We know and you know: the world looks very different from this time last year...

That’s why we’ve spent the summer transforming our bright and beautiful Hudson Dance Center studio into a safe space where you, and your kids, can dance their way into healthier, happier lives.

Please read below the 8 precautions we will be taking to ensure everyone's safety

no. 1

Our studio is now taped off with 6' X 6' boxes that allow us to accommodate up to 20 dancers at a time. Each dancer will have their own box for the class.

no. 2

Even so, we’re going above and beyond safety guidelines to cap most classes at 10 to 12 so we have ample space to distance while we dance.

no. 3

Our waiting room is officially closed for the season.

no. 4

We’ve allotted more time between classes to clean, and eliminate crowding during arrival and departure. No crossover, no problem.

no. 5

Hand sanitizing stations are set up and well stocked.

no. 6

In keeping with the current public health guidelines, dancers over the age of 12 and all parents will be required to wear a mask while arriving and departing or using the washroom.
Masks will not need to be worn during the dance class once everyone
is in their assigned box.

no. 7

Recitals and shows will be developed inline with guidelines.

no. 8

We’ll continue to evolve our protocol to ensure we’re aligned with all public health guidelines and recommendations throughout the year.

no. 9

Vaccine passport

 Starting September 1st:
Our dance school is required by law to see the vaccination passport for all recreational dancers aged 13 and over.