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Warming up on this +35 degree summer day

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Warming up is a BIG deal here at the HDC.

We use this time to increase our heart rate, connect our brain and body for optimal learning, develop our listening skills, introduce vocabulary, build community and rituals, and sometimes it is where Ill emphasize the concept of the day.

In addition, we are setting the foundation for our recital choreography. What??

It's true.

For the younger dancer-Teaching little ones how to...

1. stay on their spot...

2. move in, out, and around a circle...

3. move from two lines in to a circle... for everyone: it will make choreography a breeze!

If they have been practicing these from day one, they will master it well before their recital.

Keep it simple. Keep it consistent. See you on the HDC Dancefloor!

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